Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas  Hope you all had a great Christmas.  Pictures are of the tree we put up this year.  Did not use all of the tree as I left out the center section to make it fit where I had to put it.  I used all the new ornaments I received from Swap-bot exchanges plus some of my favorites from years past.  Plus I put a few others that I like around.  The little tree has miniature ornaments that stay on all year.  I just put it in a box for storage and pull it out when ready.  I like this glass manger set this is about the 3rd year I have used it since I found it at a yard sale.

We had a very quiet Christmas day as we had the kids over yesterday for Christmas Eve.  We started that many years ago doing ours on Christmas Eve and they could do in-laws on Christmas Day.  Although this year Daughter has no where to go so she went over to her brothers today.

We have a white Christmas this year as it started with sleet and ice yesterday then turned into blowing snow.  It is like 2 inches and you can see grass through it in places and other places drifts from 3 to 6 feet or more.  Very hard for them to get accurate measurements.   Hubby and I are going nowhere as son took our vehicle home last night.  His little car is not good on ice and we have a 4wheel drive Blazer so he took ours and left his sit in our drive way.  We trust his driving anyway as he drives a semi for a living and before that drove a wrecker for over 10 years.   

This is the view I had out my window this afternoon.  The little white car slid off the road and ended up sideways in the ditch.  The truck came around and pulled the car backwards out of the ditch to where it could drive the rest of the way through the empty lot and get back to the road thru the trailer park.  Most of the cars we saw today were larger or trucks and all going very slow.  I sent this last picture to my Brother in California and he wrote back that they were in t-shirts and shorts today and that he did not miss this kind of weather at all.
I better close this for now.  Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas - NOT FOR THIS COMPANIES EMPLOYEES - Arrow Trucking, Tulsa, Oklahoma

My son almost took a job with this company a couple of years ago.  How lucky for him that he did not.  This is a sad situation.  Many are stranded far from home and no way to get there.  Send this to all your friends.  Maybe someone will be able to help even one of these stranded truckers.  I read one page of coments on this story and almost cried.