Sunday, November 16, 2003

Bummer Weekend

This weekend has not been very good. Spent most of the day Saturday getting ready for company that evening. Most of them didn't show and only 2 couples called to say they couldn't make it. Oh well, at least the ones who did show had a good evening.

Today Sunday watched football. And it finally happened the Chiefs lost. What a bummer. They better win next week. Did work on last ornament while watching game.

Back to work tomorrow but only have to work 3 days this week as I took Thursday and Friday off. Last 2 days that I had to use before the end of the year. Planning on doing most of my Christmas shopping although the Granddaughter that is in Florida has made it easy for her. Sent her a Walmart Gift card for her birthday and she said that is what she wants for Christmas that way she can get what she wants. Smart girl for a 10 year old.

Better go for now as I am tired and 6am comes soon enough.
Have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Been awhile since I was here. Hubby is watching Terminator II. Is on TV tonight as III just came out on DVD & video today. Got to get it Friday which is PayDAY. After 3 of the babies (ferrets) go to the vet. Clyde gets his monthly Lupron shot. Good news he is getting hair. Think the shots are working and we can hold off on surgery till next year. George gets a blood test to check glucose level. He will also get some more pediapred. Then there is Annie. She is the little jill we got with George as a rescue in April of 2001. We were told she was injured as a baby and because of that has one of her back legs amputated at the knee. We also found out shortly after we got her that she is deaf. Well she has been getting agressive with the others, loosing weight, super itchy and now loosing hair. So she goes in to see what is wrong. Probably adrenal like Clyde. Only we don't know exactly how old she is we think around 7.
Luckily the rest are healthy, (knock on wood). We have 8 all together and it is the 3 albinos that have problems, and 2 George and Annie we are not sure of their age, Clyde turned 4 in September. The other 5 range from 2 to 7. Well enough about the fuzzies for now.

I have been working on my ornaments and have all but 3 done then will have all 24 done. 12 are for an exchange. 1 or 2 for myself and the rest as Christmas gifts. The next project will be a couple of sets of coasters. 1 for an exchange and the other for me as I don't have any Christmas sets left.

Busy season is starting at work. I work at the Police Department and the largest portion of my job is issuing and keeping track of Merchant Guard Licenses. Well I sent out all the renewal notices last Friday and they all have to be renewed by Dec 31st. About 45 companies and probably 300 individual guards. And I also take fingerprints for anyone who comes in needing them for jobs and licenses and they have been increasing in numbers also. So many places becoming more security conciense in the last couple of years.

Well I rambled enough need to get back to my ornaments.

Have a great day!

Friday, October 24, 2003

Working on ornament #12. Going kind of slow on this one. Will get it done though.

Wed evening went to a middle school football game. Was what they call a play day in that the game doesn't count toward placement. Grandson was on the team and wanted us to come so we did. Was held at a new sports park that the school district built last year just opened last month. Anyway was interesting even if our team did lose. The kids were having fun and that is what counts.

TGIF glad this was friday. Was slow at work. Only had 7 people in and 6 of them where for fingerprints which only take about 5 minutes so had a kind of boring day. Next week only going to work 3 days then take another couple of days off. Then will only have 2 more days to use this year and I have them scheduled for the middle of November.

Guess I will close for now as it is about time to let the ferrets out for their evening play time. So will be back tormorrow.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Where does the time go. I had 3 days off work plus the weekend and only made it in here once. Worked on ornaments and have 10 almost done. 2 more and then some trim to add and I will be able to mail them to the ladies in the exchange. Then I can do the set for me and my family.

Watched a couple of good football games Sunday and last night. Sunday watched Denver get beat. Then last night was the Kansas City Chiefs game and they won. Very exciting first time ever they have been 7 and 0. They need to keep things going cause these last 2 games were just too close.

Well better get back to work. Might check in later this evening from home. Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Off work today. Don't go back till Monday using 3 days vacation. Got new car tag today, really just a new sticker for 2004. Also paid personal property tax. Much better paying in the middle of month than at the end when everyone else is trying to get in so they won't have to pay a penalty.

Got another ornament done last evening and started on the next. Making good progress so maybe be able to mail these before the end of the month.

Monday, October 13, 2003

One more done. Took longer than I expected. This one had 45 french knots. Not one of my favorite stitches.

Going to bed now.

Have a great day!!!
Long day at work. Very slow and doing paperwork all day and that makes things drag. Weekend was good. Watched the Chiefs win their football game. That makes them 6 and 0 for the year. YEAH!

Working on Christmas ornaments for an exchange. Have 2 finished. Another one almost needed some darker floss for some highlights and it has a place for a name and I haven't decided who it will go to yet so didn't put the name on. 4th one is about half done. Will work on it during Fear Factor tonight. Have to have 12 ornaments for the exchange and I will probably do 24 as I also give ornaments to the family each year.

Have to get back to work. Only have about 40 minutes to go.

Have a great day!!

Saturday, October 11, 2003

My name is Barbara and I have created this blog as an online Diary. I don't know if I will be consistant but I think it will be fun.