Friday, October 24, 2003

Working on ornament #12. Going kind of slow on this one. Will get it done though.

Wed evening went to a middle school football game. Was what they call a play day in that the game doesn't count toward placement. Grandson was on the team and wanted us to come so we did. Was held at a new sports park that the school district built last year just opened last month. Anyway was interesting even if our team did lose. The kids were having fun and that is what counts.

TGIF glad this was friday. Was slow at work. Only had 7 people in and 6 of them where for fingerprints which only take about 5 minutes so had a kind of boring day. Next week only going to work 3 days then take another couple of days off. Then will only have 2 more days to use this year and I have them scheduled for the middle of November.

Guess I will close for now as it is about time to let the ferrets out for their evening play time. So will be back tormorrow.

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