Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I don't know where the time has gone. I didn't realize it had been so long since I was here. Winter is gone. Only had 2 bad snowstorms and they were both early in Feb when Norman was gone for 2 weeks with the guards so we blamed it on him.

Then on March 1st my Mom had a heart attack and we lost her. Very sudden and unexpected. Things are gradually getting back to normal after that.

I got me a new scanner/copier/printer so that I could scan the photos that they have while we can still figure out who most of them are. I also need to sort our photos and get them in some kind of order and labeled. I am seeing too many pictures lately that people don't know who they are because nothing was done when they were taken to let you know. A sad loss of history.

On the stitching front I got all the valentine exchanges completed. Got a bunch of neat coasters in return. Had problems with the perpetual calander. Got about half way done and had to start over. Cut the main piece incorrectly and then ran out of yarn and couldn't find any more. I used a skein out of my stash and evedently they don't make it anymore. So I had to pick a different color and so now I have all the numbers and months stitched and most of the specialty squares, holidays etc. Just have a few more squares then some plain squares and then will redo the large piece. I hope to have it done before we go on vacation later in April. Have got quite a bit done as I scan photos as the scanner is fairly slow so I combine the two projects.

Well I better get back to work as lunch hour is over and I have lots of work to do.
Have a great day!!!!

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