Wednesday, April 20, 2005

ABC list that I have seen on numerous blogs lately.

I have seen this on several blogs lately and it sounds interesting so here is my version.

Accent: American Southern Mid West Specifically I live in Kansas and have most of my life.
Bra size: Depends on if is cheap or a good brand C or D.
Chore I hate: Dishes by hand and dusting or moping.
Dad's name: Daddy
Essential make-up: Don't usually wear any.
Favorite perfume: Heaven Scent or Avons Roses Roses or Primrose.
Gold or Silver: Both although gold goes better with my skin tone.
Hometown: Topeka, KS
Interesting fact: Less than 3 months till I retire.
Job title: Office assistant II
Kids: 2 and 5 grandkids
Living arrangements: Large mobile home with hubby, oldest grandson, 7 ferrets and 1 cat.
Mom's Birthplace: Kansas
Number of apples eaten in last week: None
Overnight hospital stays: 5 - tonsils at age 5, childbirth 2 times, appendix removal and a complete hysterectomy.
Phobia: Heights especially ladders or open stairs.
Question you ask yourself a lot: What was I doing? Mainly at work when I get interrupted by someone coming to my window.
Religious affiliation: Protestant. I was raised in Independant Baptist churches. Don't go anywhere at present.
Siblings: 4 half (3boys 1 girl) who I didn't know till after I married and got reunited with my Mother. 1 step-brother who I was raised with from 3 to 14 who is still closer to me than my half brothers & sister.
Time I wake up: Weekdays, around 6:00. Later on weekends.
Unnatural hair color: None
Vegetable I refuse to eat: None completely. There is usually some way of fixing then that I can eat.
Worst habit: I don't know.
X-rays: Too many to list.
Yummy food I make: Pizza and for holidays a different stuffing made out of minute rice and Grape Nuts cereal. Better than it sounds.
Zodiac sign: Cancer

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