Friday, October 14, 2005

Just rambling!

Been awhile since I was here. Am now retired and loving it.

We froze about 20 dozen ears of corn for the winter, it gets shared with our kids families. Refilled all our quart jars with tomatoes or tomato juice.

Did some funeral pre-planning as our retirement has a death benefit that is best if we list a funeral home as the beneficiary that way our families don't have to pay taxes on it. And while we were doing that we ordered our marker and it will be placed in the cemetary once they get it made. A really nice shiney black stone with both names and the year or our births then the year of death is all that will have to be added later. We inherited the cemetary plots from DH's parents so we don't have to worry about that part.

Spent a few days in Missouri visiting some friends. Had a really nice visit and brought home a bunch of things as we hit the citywide garage sales there. The guys went together and us gals went our own way. I got several cross stitch kits just small ones but all kind of cute. I got 3 sets of embroidered pillow cases that the guy we bought them from said they were his Moms. I am going to use 2 sets for Christmas presents. And keep the 3rd for ourselves. I also got a plain white set that I am going to put something on myself.

Went to a funeral yesterday. It was my Step-Mom. She was married to my Dad for 11 years, my ages 3 to 14. And we had kept in contact all these years. She still told everyone I was her step-daughter and her son tells everyone I am the only sister he ever had. I love them all. And I will miss her very much.

Next month we are going to Las Vegas for a week. We have not been for about 4 years so we are looking forward to it. Love to see the changes everytime we go out there.

Well got to go for now as it is getting late.

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