Monday, October 06, 2008

Computer update

My computer crashed. Don't know exactly what went wrong. It had been doing the spontanious reboot for sometime. Friday morning hubby was playing his game and it rebooted. Windows didn't load correct so he just shut it down and left it. When I tried to turn it back on it would not do anything. One light came on and that was on my cd writer. Everything else nothing. Anyway I have GREAT kids. Son said I could use his desktop as no one was using it (One year newer) . They are both using laptops. So daughter picked it up from him. Brought it over with her friend who is her computor guru. He checked mine out. Wouldn't do a thing. Salvaged my hard drive and put it into this tower slaved to the one already here. Technically I lost nothing except for favorites and my address book on Outlook express. Told the kids if this one works for about another year then I can buy a new one. Got to go. Back to reloading software. Have a great day.

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